Solvent Trap Parts

We offer some amazing and unique solvent trap tubes and adapters for your unique build.

Solvent Traps are devices that can be used when cleaning firearms to catch the cleaning solution if poured down the barrel. The Solvent Trap helps prevent mess, and if in the field can help prevent harmful chemicals from being dumped into the environment.

A clean gun is a working gun. If you clean your gun regularly, as so many members of the police and armed forces do, you know exactly how messy it can get. The mess isn’t necessarily the problem—although it often does produce a noxious odor that has been known to upset more than a handful of wives—it’s the potentially harmful chemicals of a barrel cleaning solvent that could make contact with your skin or the environment.

Solvent traps capture the barrel cleaning solvent before it has the opportunity to harm the user or the environment. The solvent is filtered and captured by the trap so it can be reused. This reduces the environmental impact of the chemical solvent disposal necessary after cleaning a gun. Additionally, it saves responsible gun owners money.
A solvent trap is very simple to use. The operator attaches it to the muzzle end of the gun’s barrel and pours solvent down the gun barrel as they usually would. Then the solvent trap does its work of catching all the solvent. Eliminating the hassles, smell, and mess of spilled solvent. Filtering the solvent and reusing it offers cost savings and is good for our environment.

Just screw an end cap and thread adapter onto the tube and screw the unit onto the muzzle end of your barrel. The trap catches the solvent you pour through your barrel as you clean it. No-fuss, no muss, no stink!

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