D Sized 14x Aluminum 1/2″ SUPER Cups Solvent Trap Dry Storage Kit and Spring


Introducing the D Sized Super Solvent Trap Dry Storage Cups Kit, a versatile and efficient storage solution designed to meet all your dry and fluid storage needs. These D sized aluminum super solvent trap cups are meticulously crafted to provide maximum storage capacity and secure containment for your essential items.


Product Highlights

Enhanced Storage Capacity

Our super solvent trap cups are half the height of our standard cups, allowing for more storage compartments within the same space. This unique design provides additional storage flexibility, making it perfect for organizing and storing various items.

Versatile Applications

Whether you need a solution for dry storage, concealment, or fluid filtering, our D sized super solvent trap cups are up to the task. These cups are ideal for keeping survival supplies, small valuables, and emergency items clean and dry.

Premium Aluminum Inserts

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our solvent trap cups are durable and lightweight. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for both everyday and emergency use.

Watertight Threading

Each cup features a thread-together design that ensures a watertight seal. This secure threading keeps your stored items protected from moisture and contaminants, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Easy to Use

Simple Installation and Removal

Designed with user convenience in mind, our super solvent trap cups are easy to install and remove. The intuitive thread-together mechanism allows for quick assembly and disassembly, so you can access your items with ease.

Important Regulatory Information

Adherence to NFA Regulations

It is crucial to follow all National Firearms Act (NFA) regulations when using solvent trap parts. Unauthorized modifications without an approved tax stamp are illegal and can result in severe legal consequences. We strongly advise against any modifications and recommend using our products responsibly and within the law.

Use Licensed Dealers for Suppressors

If you require a silencer, suppressor, or any similar device, please choose a licensed dealer such as SilencerCo. Attempting to modify solvent traps for these purposes is illegal and unsafe.

Product Options and Pricing

Available Kits and Individual Components

  • “D” Sized Threaded Super Cups Kit — $99.99
  • “D” Sized Spring Only — $7.99
  • Single “D” Sized Super Cup (one cup only) — $7.99

Why Choose Our Super Solvent Trap Cups?

Superior Craftsmanship

Our super solvent trap cups are manufactured with precision and high standards, ensuring each piece meets the highest quality. The use of premium aluminum guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

Secure and Reliable Storage

The thread-together design provides a watertight seal, ensuring that your stored items remain secure and dry. This feature is particularly useful for storing valuables or emergency supplies that need protection from the elements.

Convenient and Flexible

These inserts offer easy installation and removal, making them a practical choice for a variety of uses. Whether you are organizing small items for travel or need a reliable storage solution for emergency supplies, our super solvent trap cups are designed to meet your needs.

Commitment to Compliance

We are dedicated to providing products that comply with all relevant regulations. By choosing our super solvent trap cups, you are selecting a product that prioritizes safety, legality, and responsible use.

Upgrade your storage capabilities with our D Sized Super Solvent Trap Dry Storage Cups Kit. Offering enhanced storage capacity, high-quality construction, and a watertight seal, these cups provide a reliable and efficient solution for all your storage needs. Ensure compliance with NFA regulations and invest in a product that delivers exceptional performance and convenience. Keep your items secure and dry with our premium super solvent trap cups.

Additional information


*SDC* 14x "D" Sized Threaded Aluminum Super Cups Kit and Spring, "D" Sized Spring Only, Single "D" Sized Aluminum Super Cup (one cup only), *D-FIL7* "D" SIZED 7 STAINLESS STEEL AND 7 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT, *D-FIL14* "D" SIZED 14 STAINLESS STEEL AND 14 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT


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