NEW * TITANIUM SUPER FLAT * D Sized Maglite Flashlight and Blast Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter(s)


Explore our top-tier adapter collection, designed to meet your specific needs with unparalleled precision and style. Our product lineup includes four distinct options, each engineered for exceptional performance and durability


Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter

  • TF1 Adapter*: Threaded 1/2″ x 28 (RAW) Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter
  • TF5 Adapter*: Threaded 5/8″ x 24 (RAW) Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter
  • B-TF1 Adapter*: Threaded 1/2″ x 28 (Ultra Light Absorbing Flat Black Finish)
  • B-TF5 Adapter*: Threaded 5/8″ x 24 (Ultra Light Absorbing Flat Black Finish)

Precision Engineering and Versatile Design

TF1* and TF5*are adapters have been meticulously crafted. They are also available in their raw form, offering a sleek, uncoated finish that showcases the high-grade materials used in their construction. These raw adapters are ideal for those who prefer a minimalist, functional aesthetic, providing a solid, unembellished look and feel.

For those seeking enhanced functionality and a modern touch, our B-TF1* and B-TF5* adapters come with an ultra-light absorbing flat black finish. This unique coating not only adds a sleek, professional look but also minimizes glare and reflections, ensuring optimal performance in any lighting condition. The ultra-light finish enhances durability and reduces wear, making these adapters perfect for rigorous use in various environments.

Whether you’re outfitting your tactical gear, upgrading your firearm components, or enhancing your shooting accessories, our adapters are designed to deliver unmatched reliability and performance.

Choose the Best for Your Needs with Tube Threaded Barrel Adapters

With a variety of options to choose from, you can also easily find the perfect adapter to suit your requirements. This equipment also ensuring that your gear operates at its best. Upgrade your setup with our top-rated adapters and experience the difference in quality, precision, and style.

Please ensure compliance with all relevant regulations when selecting and using these adapters.

Revolutionize Your Gear with the “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” Adapter

Introducing the “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” adapter, a revolutionary addition to the market that stands as the finest adapter available today. Meticulously crafted from Military T7-S7 Grade Titanium, this adapter offers exceptional strength and lightweight properties, making it an essential upgrade for your equipment. With its state-of-the-art design, the “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” adapter is patent pending and boasts an impressive 54% weight reduction compared to conventional steel adapters, ensuring unparalleled ease and convenience without compromising durability.

Adapters are specifically designed to fit “D” sized standard SD016 Maglite flashlights that accommodate “D” size tubes (excluding Xenon or LED models). Perfectly suited for use with Blast Projection Tubes, the “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” adapter enhances the functionality. This

equipment, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. Whether you’re a professional in law enforcement, a shooting sports enthusiast, or a tactical gear aficionado, adapters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of your activities. This ensures reliability and efficiency with a sleek, modern looks.

Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter with Unmatched Quality and Customization

The “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” adapters are also crafted with the highest attention to detail, using premium-grade titanium to provide a lightweight yet incredibly strong solution. This flexibility additionally ensures that you can tailor your equipment precisely to your requirements, without unnecessary extras. The adapter’s superior construction guarantees a perfect fit and outstanding performance, making it an indispensable part of your toolkit.

Important Usage Information

Additionally It is crucial to adhere to all NFA regulations. Unauthorized modifications of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered illegal. We strongly advise against any such modifications and do not condone them. Always choose a dealer if you are looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer, or firearm muffler.

Upgrade your gear with the “TITANIUM SUPER FLAT” D Sized Maglite Flashlight and Blast Tube  during our sale. Experience the superior quality, lightweight handling, and modern design that only this revolutionary adapter can provide.

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