“C” Sized Solvent Trap Threaded Curved Adapter




  • Approximately 1.” diameter  
  • Standard Tube finish is anodized black
  • Please adhere to all NFA regulations. Modifications of solvent trap parts that do not have a tax stamp approved could be considered as a crime. We do NOT condone or advise modifications of any kind of solvent trap. Choose a licensed dealer (NOT US) when and if you’re looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer or firearm muffler.

C Cell Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Solid End Adapters

  • Adapters Are Made of Aluminum
  • Easy installation and removal



The all new “RAPTOR” is hands down the most effective solvent trap cleaning adapter ever made. Patent Pending with 42% less weight and a whopping 64% more volume. The “RAPTOR” is the ultimate choice adapter for those who want the top of the line performance when it comes to cleaning their firearms. Fits ONLY “C” sized standard SC016 Maglite flashlights (not Xenon or LED) “D” sized Blast Projection Tubes and ULTRA BUNDLE “D” Kits.
NOT SOLD IN PAIRS AND SOLD AS INDIVIDUAL PIECES (Picture to show top and bottom)

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ADAPTER C Size Threaded 1/2" x 28 (FLAT BLACK FINISH), ADAPTER C Size Threaded 5/8 x 24 (FLAT BLACK FINISH), C sized Tube Solid end piece, Valve


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