“D” Sized TITANIUM Threaded Solid Barrel Adapter



“D” Sized TITANIUM Threaded Solid Barrel Adapter

Transform your Maglite “D” sized tube into a highly efficient and simple cleaning trap system or a forward blast projection tube with our innovative adapter. When paired with a Maglite flashlight tube or our robust titanium “D” sized tube, this versatile unit effortlessly converts your flashlight tube into a leak-proof container that captures solvents and debris during the cleaning, oiling, and lubricating processes of your handgun or rifle barrels. Additionally, it serves as an effective forward blast percussion tube, enhancing your shooting experience by directing the blast and noise forward.

This adapter for forward blast tubes or solvent trap kits comes in a striking Flat Style RAW TITANIUM FINISH, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. Its raw titanium build not only ensures maximum durability and resistance to corrosion but also provides a sleek, professional look to your equipment. Ideal for firearm enthusiasts who value precision and efficiency in maintenance as well as improved functionality in active use, this adapter is an essential addition to your shooting gear.

“”D”” Adapters are designed to work only with the standard SD-016 or SC-016 series Maglite and any of our D sized Solvent Trap tubes….NOT LED AND NO MAGLITE PRE 1999.

Please note that these items are NOT SOLD IN PAIRS. It is crucial to adhere strictly to all NFA (National Firearms Act) regulations. Unauthorized modifications of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered illegal. We strongly discourage and do not endorse any modifications to solvent traps.

If you are considering acquiring a suppressor, homemade silencer, or firearm muffler, always opt for a licensed dealer. Choosing to modify a solvent trap into a suppressor without the proper legal approvals not only risks legal penalties but also compromises safety. Ensure compliance with all federal laws by consulting with professionals and opting for legitimate, approved options.

View our Solvent Cleaning Tube Breakdown Video CLICK HERE

Product Options

** TF ** D Sized Titanium Solid End Piece, *B-TF* D Sized Titanium Solid End Piece (ULTRA LIGHT ABSORBING FLAT BLACK FINISH), *VALVE* Quick Twist Solvent Drain Valve


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