NEW * SUPER FLAT * D Sized Solvent Trap Blast Tube Aluminum Threaded Barrel Adapter(s)


Introducing our latest innovation, the “SUPER FLAT” D Sized Solvent Trap Blast Tube Aluminum Threaded Barrel Adapters. Engineered for superior performance and sleek design, these adapters are a must-have for any serious enthusiast or professional. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, they provide exceptional durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight profile.


Revolutionize Your Gear with the New “SUPER FLAT” 1/2×28 Flat Thread Adapter D Sized Maglite Flashlight and Blast Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter

Notwithstanding, our 1/2×28 Flat Thread Adapter product lineup offers two distinct options to cater to your specific needs:

  • F1 Adapter: Threaded 1/2″ x 28 (Ultra Flat Black Finish)
  • F5 Adapter: Threaded 5/8″ x 24 (Ultra Flat Black Finish)

Superior Engineering and Unmatched Performance

The “SUPER FLAT” adapters are meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit and trouble free integration with your equipment. We made sure the ultra-flat black finish not only adds a sleek, modern look but also enhances durability by minimizing wear and tear. Adapters are designed to reduce glare and reflections, ensuring optimal performance in any lighting condition.

Their threaded design allows for easy installation and removal, making them a versatile and essential component of your toolkit.

Customizable Options for Every Need 1/2×28 Flat Thread Adapter or 5/8 x 24

We understand that different applications require different specifications. That’s why we offer two options in our “SUPER FLAT” adapter range:

F1 Adapter: Our design is specifically ideal for those who need a 1/2″ x 28 threaded barrel adapter with an ultra-flat black finish. This option provides a sleek, a high standard and professional look while maintaining exceptional performance.

F5 Adapter: We designed these for those who prefer a 5/8″ x 24 threaded barrel adapter with the same ultra-flat black finish. This variant offers the same high-quality performance with a slightly different threading to suit various needs.

Please ensure compliance with all NFA regulations when using these parts. Also, unauthorized modifications of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered illegal. We do not condone or advise any such modifications. Always consult a licensed dealer if you are looking for a suppressor, likewise a home-made silencer, or firearm muffler.

Upgrade your gear with the “SUPER FLAT” D Sized Solvent Trap Blast Tube Aluminum Threaded Barrel Adapters. When you buy and experience the pinnacle of quality, precision, and modern design with these exceptional components, you will be more that satisfied.

Introducing the innovative “SUPER FLAT” adapter, meticulously crafted to set a new standard in lightweight durability and performance. However, these adapters areengineered from high-quality aluminum and boast a patent-pending design that reduces weight by an impressive 54%, offering a robust yet lightweight solution for a range of applications. It is specifically designed to fit “D” sized standard SD016 Maglite flashlights (excluding Xenon or LED models), making it the ideal choice for enhancing the functionality and ease of use of your “D” sized Blast Projection Tubes.

Unmatched Precision and Quality

The “SUPER FLAT” adapter is a testament to exact engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. The high-quality aluminum construction guarantees that the adapter maintains its strength and durability while significantly reducing the overall weight. This lightweight design enhances the user experience, making your equipment easier to handle and operate, without compromising on durability or reliability.

Whether you are a professional in the tactical field, a sports shooting enthusiast, or simply someone who values top-tier equipment modifications. We provide reliability, ease of handling, and a sleek, modern design that stands out in the market.

Tailored for Your Needs

Additionally,each order includes a single adapter, giving you the flexibility to tailor your purchases to your specific requirements. This product is perfect for those who demand high-quality, reliable, and lightweight equipment modifications.

It is crucial to adhere to all NFA regulations. We do not condone or advise any unauthorized modifications of solvent traps. Always choose a licensed dealer when seeking a suppressor, home-made silencer, or firearm muffler.

Experience the next level of equipment enhancement with the new “SUPER FLAT” D Sized Maglite Flashlight and Blast Tube Threaded Barrel Adapter – where precision meets performance.

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*F1* Aluminum ADAPTER Threaded 1/2" x 28 (ANODIZED BLACK FINISH), *F5* Aluminum ADAPTER Threaded 5/8 x 24 (ANODIZED BLACK FINISH), *UBF* Upgrade my Adapter to (ULTRA LIGHT ABSORBING FLAT BLACK FINISH)


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