Royally Twisted Muzzle Brake


Muzzle Brake 

The “Royally twisted” muzzle brake is one our customer favorites. This unique design allows for great gas dispersion which offers a lower recoil. The design of this muzzle brake is very unique and stylish. This advanced .223 or 556 (as well as smaller calibers) designed muzzle device does an unmatched job at cooling that blazing hot gas and evenly dispersing the flash in a multitude of directions.


  • Approximately .8″ Outside Diameter 
  • Muzzle Device Length is Approximately 2.75″
  • Standard finish is anodized black knurled 
  • Is available in multiple stylish Cerakote finishes
  • threading is available in 1/2″ x 28 and 5/8″ x 24
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Please follow all NFA laws. Modification of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered a felony. If you are looking for a silencer, suppressor, a home made silencer, oil can silencer, firearm muffler, or any other name you can think of please don’t, choose a licensed silencer dealer like, www.silencerco.com.

Royally Twisted Muzzle Brake

Tread Size

1/2 x 28, 5/8 x 24


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