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Survival Tips is committed to helping you get prepared. Join our Survival tips blog for some great tips and information!

Freedom Gear sells the finest Products that are Made in America. We sell amazing Solvent Traps, Muzzle brakes, Emergency Freeze Dried Food, Survivalist gear, and Emergency Supplies. We don’t build or sell the same cheap Chinese made Maglite tubes. The garbage you’ll find on those “other” sites may be cheaper, but the quality matters! If you demand the best you are in the right place!

How is your survival supply? A disaster can hit at any moment, and having your survival supply is a must! Are you prepared to survive on your own for the next few weeks? The average individual has less than a week’s worth of food at home – most perishable – and no backup survival supply of water or electricity. Rather than be caught with no or insufficient emergency supplies as a disaster is approaching, start emergency preparedness by shopping our survival supplies!

What Survival Supply should I have?

A standard emergency strategy must cover the following areas: food and water, first aid, communication, and light. Our survival supply list includes products and emergency supply kits for all of these areas, as well as self-defense and security. Look through our survival supply store to stock up on basics for disaster preparedness, including full emergency and survival kits. There are a lot of places you can look on “how to” survive and an emergency, at, our product portfolio is designed to help make that preparation easy!

What about long-term Survival Supply?

Water and food storage are particularly important in emergency preparedness. In your survival supply, do you have enough of each to last a year off the grid? If not, find the right supplies through our store. Our freeze-dried emergency food kits from Augason Farms, Mountain House, Wise Foods, and other brands cover all meals of the day and require minimal preparation: Boil part of your emergency water, add it to the dehydrated or freeze-dried food, and wait a few minutes. Then, your meal is ready to eat as-is. Choose from several emergency food kits with enough items to last a year. For long-term emergency preparedness, many food storage kits last five to 25 years! Its only too late to stock your emergency supplies, after you need it.

Don’t ever find yourself unprepared in an emergency – at home or on the road. For getting through any disaster, begin emergency preparedness with our survival supply store.

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