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Today : food in a crisis

Crisis is first of all a word with no further meaning. It can range from Netflix blackout to atomic supergau today.

I’m talking about more realistic things, if not the zombies walking through the streets or the aliens causing the blackout.

As I have already heard, in a real crisis, half of the preppertum meets first in the forest. This is of course logical, because everyone knows their best. There they fight over the last berries and the last lonely rabbit.

The others are harbouring in their mostly poorly secured apartments and enjoy their canned food and hard cookies.

But does it all make sense at all?

What are we going to eat in such a situation?

Sure, the smart ones among you will say, “if you have steam cabbage, eat it all”

Yeah, maybe, but it makes no sense in a time without a doctor.

So, in everyday life, where we have medical care, do we eat healthy and in the serious case, without medical care, we chew old rusty cans?

Oh, of course there are wild herbs too ……….

Just a lot of people can’t take it!

What do you think your fast food spoiled digestive system suddenly says about natural food with a lot of bitter substances?

And colics are seriously not fun.

Of course there is no solution for everyone.

I just want to point out what a dream world many here live in.

If you are eating healthy now, it is only right. Everyone else is beyond saving anyway.

If you want to provide, cook, cook, do like grandma. So at least you know what’s in it and have nothing that weakens you in a serious case.

Not to mention the ones with allergies.

Besides, take care of wild herbs and eat them occasionally. Then you’ll see what your stomach says.

Learn to grow vegetables even in the smallest space.

The only thing where it doesn’t work anymore is radiation, then most of it doesn’t matter anyway.

And assume that you are seriously vegetarians first of all, would do many people very good.

Why because there are plants everywhere or you can plant them.

You can also plant a chop (or a beer can), but don’t rely on it.

Bottom line: If you already live healthy, it’s a great thing. To everyone else : it was nice knowing you .

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