Titanium Solvent Trap Adaptors

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Titanium Solvent Trap Adaptors

These are the all new TITANIUM SUPER FLAT solvent trap adaptors and are hands down the BEST threaded barrel adapters made. All Barrel adapters are Designed with quality and design in mind. They are made from Military T7-s7 Grade Titanium. They are 54% lighter than most other adapters. These also fit any “D” sized standard SD016 Maglite flashlights. They will also fit D size (not Xenon or LED) and as well as any of our Blast Projection Tubes. NOT SOLD IN PAIRS

  • Approximately 1.5″ radius
  • Thread design ensures a water tight seal
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Please follow all NFA laws. Modification of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered a felony. If you are looking for a silencer, suppressor, a home made silencer, oil can silencer, firearm muffler, or any other name you can think of please don’t, choose a licensed silencer dealer like, www.silencerco.com.

*** TF1 *** ADAPTER Threaded 1/2" x 28 (RAW FINISH) ** ON SALE **, *** TF5 *** ADAPTER Threaded 5/8 x 24 (RAW FINISH) ** ON SALE **

1 review for Titanium Solvent Trap Adaptors

  1. jellyhash

    Very well built. Great fit!

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