Titanium High Grade AR15 -223-5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

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Explore the Titanium High Grade AR15 .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

Enhance your rifle’s performance with the Titanium High Grade AR15 .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, now available at a special price of $410.00 (originally $449.99).

Key Features:

  • MPI C-158 Bolt with S1100 Titanium Body: Combines durability and lightweight properties for optimized performance.
  • Gas Key: Precision-machined 4130 steel gas key ensures reliability and longevity.
  • 4340 Steel Firing Pin: Hard Chrome Coated for enhanced durability and smooth operation.
  • DLC Coating: Provides exceptional hardness (98 Rockwell Hardness) and chemical resistance.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs 7.5oz, significantly lighter than MilSpec alternatives (12oz), ensuring agile performance without compromising reliability.
  • Proven Performance: Extensively tested to ensure no issues with short stroking, offering consistent operation under various conditions.

Why Choose the Titanium Bolt Carrier Group:

  • Superior Materials: Crafted from high-grade titanium and steel alloys for maximum strength and performance.
  • Reliability: Engineered to deliver consistent performance and reliability, even in demanding environments.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: DLC coating and lightweight design improve efficiency and reduce wear for extended use.

Upgrade your AR15 with the Titanium High Grade Bolt Carrier Group, a testament to precision engineering and performance excellence. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this BCG promises unmatched quality and reliability. Order now to experience superior performance on the range or in the field!


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