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Explore Our Range of Masks for Various Needs

Discover a diverse selection of masks tailored to different requirements:

1. N95 Respirators: Choose from a 2-pack of white N95 respirators, available with or without a valve (depending on stock availability). These entry-level masks feature a 95% particulate matter filter, providing reliable protection.

2. Pink 3M Masks: For enhanced filtration, opt for the Pink 3M mask featuring dual filters. This model, classified as P100, offers superior protection by filtering 100% of organic materials, including COVID-19 and other viruses.

3. Military Surplus Gas Masks: Available in military green or black, these surplus gas masks are robust options offering comprehensive protection against viral, nuclear, and biochemical threats. Despite potential stock scratches, each mask is new and never issued.

4. Full Face Masks: Ideal for first responders, the full-face mask includes a durable polycarbonate clear front for maximum visibility. It comes equipped with 2 Pink 3M P100 filters, renowned for their effectiveness and popularity.

5. N.A.T.O. Military Surplus Masks: Featuring a 40mm thread compatible with N.B.C. filters, these German or Russian military surplus masks provide defense against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. They also offer protection from tear gas, pepper spray, smoke, and various chemicals.

Additional Options: We also offer extra filters for added convenience and readiness, currently on sale to ensure continuous protection.

Important Note: Instant Immunity, a supplement available in our store, is designed to support immune system health. It does not claim to prevent or cure any specific health conditions or pandemics.

Explore our collection today to find the mask that best suits your needs. Whether you’re preparing for emergencies, enhancing workplace safety, or ensuring personal protection, our masks provide reliable solutions tailored to various scenarios.

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German Gas Mask Filters (2 Pack), German Gas Mask w/ FREE Filter —- $105.99, Full Face Clear Mask with 2 P100 (pink) Filters, 3M or Gerson N95 (2 pack) Basic Mask — ON SALE –, 3M Pink P100 Advanced Dual Filter 100% Mask — ON SALE –, Green P95 Advanced Dual Filter Mask Mask — ON SALE –, Tan P95 Dual Filter Advanced Mask — ON SALE –


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