Fine Mesh Debris Screen Filters



Fine Mesh Debris Screen Filters

This product of fine mesh debris solvent trap filters is used to filter out extra dirt and items from cleaning solvent. These filters are made from stainless steel and fit perfectly into the “D” sized or “C” sized plugs. These fine mesh filter screens are what are used inside the filter plugs and fit snugly into the plugs in order to catch all the gunk in your barrel. These are great to detect any firing issues. This package contains a pack of 10 screens per order.

  • Cleaning Filters are designed to fit perfectly into you solvent traps to filter out any large particles when cleaning.
  • Pairs perfectly with our cleaning pin kits
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Please follow all NFA laws. Modification of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered a felony. If you are looking for a silencer, suppressor, a home made silencer, oil can silencer, firearm muffler, or any other name you can think of please don’t, choose a licensed silencer dealer like,

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*** 10 D Screens *** Pack of 10 Screen Filters "D" Sized — 9.99, *** 10 C Screens*** Pack of 10 Screen Filters "C" Sized — 8.99


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