Custom Solvent Trap CERAKOTE WHITE OUT HEX Projection Blast Tube


“D” sized Hex kit includes one threaded adaptor and the hex tube. Solid end adaptors and cups are sold separate.


This custom designed blast tube is a must for any avid range shooter. Designed with function and style in mind as well as CUSTOM 3 LAYER CERAKOTE. Complete percussion forward firing is what you get with these Projection tubes. Others at the range will love you for owing this product. PROFESSIONAL FINISH AND COMPLETED WITH A ULTRA DURABLE COATING. These 2 pieces (tube and adapter) are 7075 High Grade German ALUMINUM 8.5″ LONG IN “D” SIZE DIAMETER TUBES.

Sold as pictured and other pieces sold separately. COMES WITH ONE TUBE AND ONE ADAPTER AS PICTURED… other pieces sold separately.


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This Hex kit has a 1/2 x 28 threaded adaptor, and hex tubes. Separately sold are solid-end adaptors, and cups.

Solvent Trap Kits contain cleaning tubes designed to trap cleaning solvents that can harm the environment. Cleaning solvents can be noxious and contaminate the water supply. Solvent traps can help to keep the environment clean and are environmentally safe when used properly.

The Solvent Trap Kit can be assembled and used easily. Just screw the tube onto the adaptor and screw it onto the muzzle of your barrel. The trap will capture the solvent that you pour into your barrel to clean it. Recycling your solvent will save you money and be more environmentally friendly.

Prepper’s Discount has the best quality and style Aluminum Tube Kits available.


Approximately 1.5″ Outside Diameter

The Tubes are approximately 8.5″ long

Please adhere to all NFA regulations. Modifications of solvent trap parts that do not have a tax stamp approved could be considered as a crime. We do NOT condone or advise modifications of any kind of solvent trap. Choose a licensed dealer when and if you’re looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer or firearm muffler.

Additional Information

ITEM The HEX Tube Muzzle Blast Projection or HEX Solvent Trap Kit

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WHITE OUT CERAKOTE "D" Size 1/2 x 28 Adapter and Projection Tube, WHITE OUT CERAKOTE "D" Size 5/8 x 24 Adapter and Projection Tube, *WHITE OUT-F* D Sized solid MATCHING piece, *DC* 7 "D" Sized Cups Kit, *SDC* 14 "D" Sized Treaded Super Cups, *UC* 7 "D" Sized Ultra Stepped Cups Kit for ONLY, *TSDC* 14x "D" Sized Threaded Titanium Super Cups Kit, *D-FIL* D SIZED 7 STAINLESS STEEL AND 7 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT, *D-FIL14* D SIZED 14 STAINLESS STEEL AND 14 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT


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