“C” Sized Solvent Trap Kit or Blast Projection Tube with FLAT ADAPTER


Introducing the “C” Sized Solvent Trap Kit or Blast Projection Tube with FLAT ADAPTER


C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits with Flat Adapter

Environmentally Friendly is what the C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits are

Our C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits are firstly designed to capture harmful cleaning solvents, preventing them from contaminating water supplies. By using our solvent traps, you contribute to a cleaner environment while maintaining your firearms. These kits are legal and environmentally safe when used as intended.

Easy Assembly and Use

Also, the C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits is easy to assemble and use. Simply screw the muzzle adapter onto the tube and attach it to the muzzle end of your barrel. The trap will capture the solvent you pour through your barrel during cleaning, allowing you to recycle it. This not only saves money but also promotes eco-friendly practices.

C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits is Superior Craftsmanship

We additionally take great pride in the quality of our products. The C-Cell Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit features anodized black aluminum for a sleek, professional finish. The tubes are also meticulously machined to ensure a perfect fit and superior performance. These kits are hence intended for small caliber arms but can be used with any 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel, making them a versatile addition to your shooting supply bag.


  • Material: High-Grade Aluminum or Titanium
  • Outside Diameter: Approximately 1″
  • Length: Approximately 7″
  • Finish: Anodized black for aluminum tubes

Key Features of the C Sized Aluminum Solvent Trap Kits

  • High-Quality Construction: Ensures overall exceptional strength and longevity.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Firstly Designed for user convenience in mind.
  • Versatile Thread Adapters: Available in 1/2 x 28 options.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Helps prevent harmful solvents from contaminating water supplies.
  • Complete Kit: Includes one tube and one threaded end.

Product Options

    • CBT1: C Sized 7″ Tube w/ Center Diamond Knurl and also a 1/2 x 28 Flat Adapter
    • CT: C Sized 7″ TUBE ONLY w/ Center Diamond Knurl
    • CS: C Sized Flat Threaded SOLID END Adapter
    • C1: C Sized Flat Threaded 1/2 x 28 Adapter
    • CC: C Sized Cups Kit
    • TCC: 7x “C” Sized Threaded Titanium Cups
    • C-FIL: C SIZED 7 Stainless Steel and 7 Collection Material Filter Kit
    • C-FIL14: C SIZED 14 Stainless Steel and 14 Collection Material Filter Kit

Additional Accessories

We especially offer a variety of additional accessories to enhance your equipment’s functionality. These include solid end caps, quick connect adapters, and muzzle brakes, all designed to provide greater customization and utility for your setup. Explore our selection of high-quality parts to upgrade your gear HERE.

Legal Considerations

Please adhere to all NFA (National Firearms Act) regulations. Also, unauthorized modifications of solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered illegal. We strongly discourage and do not endorse any modifications to solvent traps overall. Always choose a licensed dealer for suppressors, homemade silencers, or firearm mufflers.

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*CBT1F* C Sized 7" Tube w/ Center Diamond Knurl and 1/2 x 28 Flat Adapter, Upgrade My C Kit from Anodized black to TACTICAL ULTRA LIGHT ABSORBING FLAT BLACK, *CT* C Sized 7" TUBE ONLY w/ Center Diamond Knurl, *FCS* C Sized (Flat) SOLID Adapter, ** FC1 ** C Sized (Flat) Threaded 1/2 x 28, *CC* 7x C Sized Threaded Aluminum Cups Kit with Spring, TCC* 7x "C" Sized Threaded Titanium Cups Kit with Spring, *C-FIL* C SIZED 7 STAINLESS STEEL AND 7 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT, *C-FIL14* C SIZED 14 STAINLESS STEEL AND 14 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT


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