Blank Adapter with 1/8″ NON-THREADED Hole * * M A K E Y O U R OWN T H R E A D * *

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Solvent Trap Blank Adaptor Solid Do It Yourself adapter

These are “D” sized solvent trap blank adapter with NO THREADS for a barrel.  Outer threads work with any of our aluminum or titanium tubes and as well as SD016 Maglite flashlights.

Make your very own thread size and pitch for your own firearm.

  • Standard finish is anodized black Aluminum and Titanium
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Please adhere to all NFA regulations. Modifications of solvent trap parts that do not have a tax stamp approved could be considered as a crime. We do NOT condone or advise modifications of any kind of solvent trap. Choose a licensed dealer (NOT US) when and if you’re looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer or firearm muffler.


“Blank Adapter with 1/8″” NON-THREADED Hole * * M A K E Y O U R OWN T H R E A D * *

Our innovative “D” sized adapters, uniquely designed with NO THREADS and featuring only a 1/8″ hole, enabling you to create custom threads tailored to your specific needs. These adapters offer the flexibility to create your own thread size and pitch, making them perfect for firearm enthusiasts who require specific thread measurements that are not typically available, such as 15mm, 18mm, 1/2×20, 1/2×36, and many others.

Crafted to work seamlessly with any of our tubes or SD016 Maglite flashlights, these adapters allow you to construct a custom-sized adapter, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique setup. This do-it-yourself approach not only enhances your customization options but also empowers you to tailor your equipment to your precise specifications.

We understand that our customers have diverse needs and might require thread sizes that we traditionally don’t offer. Therefore, we provide these adaptable, high-quality adapters to meet your individual requirements. Also, be sure to check out our gunsmith-quality taps.

The taps are designed to help you achieve professional-level precision when creating threads, ensuring that your custom adapters are both functional and durable. Embrace the freedom to customize with our versatile, threadless “D” sized adapters and high-quality tapping tools.

View our Solvent Cleaning Tube Breakdown Video CLICK HERE


Product Options

** BLANK ** Blank D Sized Adapter, *VALVE* Quick Twist Solvent Drain Valve


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