3 Point Carbon Steel Professional Handcuffs with keys


Handcuff Details:

These handcuffs are the best quality and strength cuffs on the market!

  • Professional grade double locking cuffs!
  • Heavy Duty Steel with Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Law Enforcement Grade For Police and Security Work
  • Reinforced Triple Hinge
  • Includes 2 keys
  • Weighs 10 oz.

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The history of handcuffs

It’s impossible to trace back through history to the very first appearance of cuff-like restraints. After all, as long as humankind has been around there has been the necessity to restrain some less-than-savory characters. Before metal handcuffs, of course, people used rope and animal hide and presumably any other strong material that would get the job done.

The first recorded mention of handcuffs appears in Virgil’s telling of the myth of Proteus, an ancient Greek shape-shifting god. According to the myth, Proteus possessed the gift of prophecy, and men desired to learn from him. But any time a human would approach and request that Proteus share his knowledge, he would shift his shape and escape. Finally Aristaeus, son of Apollo, particularly motivated by the desire to learn why his bees were dying of disease, learned (and utilized) the secret to preventing Proteus from shape shifting and escaping: handcuffs.


3 Point Carbon Steel Professional Handcuffs with keys


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