2.5″ “C” Sized Solvent Trap Kit Aluminum Projection Tubes



2.5″ “C” Sized Solvent Trap Kit Aluminum Projection Tubes

Our Solvent Trap Kit ion muzzle brake and aluminum projector tube. Inspired by our dedicated and patriotic customer, Zack, this innovative kit is designed for rapid and effortless installation of your Solvent Trap cleaning kit onto your firearm. The quick-connect feature allows you to attach and detach the cleaning tube in just seconds, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Ideal for firearm enthusiasts who value precision and time-saving solutions, this adapter kit is a must-have for maintaining your equipment with ease and reliability. Invest in this expertly crafted, Zack-recommended setup for superior cleaning and maintenance performance.

The ring is a one of a kind designed piece that it made exclusively by us and only sold right here. Our engineers painstakingly make sure that all of our product work together perfectly and flawlessly to ensure that we offer the highest grade of product to our customers. The D Ring piece is SOLID STEEL with a black coating and a fast 1 and a half turn style connection for our Scorpion Muzzle brake. Made specifically to simplify the cleaning of your firearm. Available in the most popular 1/2 X 28 thread size or 5/8 x 24 (.37MM EJECTION OPENING)

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Please adhere to all NFA regulations. Modifications of solvent trap parts that do not have a tax stamp approved could be considered as a crime. We do NOT condone or advise modifications of any kind of solvent trap. Choose a licensed dealer (NOT US) when and if you’re looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer or firearm muffler.

View our Solvent Cleaning Tube Breakdown Video CLICK HERE

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*DT3.5* 3.5" Solvent Trap Aluminum Tube (BLACK), *TT3.5* 3.5" Solvent Trap Titanium Tube (RAW SILVER)


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