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Make sure you’re prepared when emergency strikes. Our first aid bag and trauma kit was designed for the unexpected. This emergency preparation kit is not your average first aid kit for camping and hiking. This pack includes emergency supplies. This emergency preparation pack is perfect for camping, hiking gear, vehicles, office, home and more. This robust kit puts you in control of any situation.


  • A poncho is an essential item, whether camping, hiking, or during a zombie apocalypse, above all staying dry is a key to survival.
  • A camping blanket is always a must, because if you are warm, you have a better chance to survive.
  • A whistle is also important, when lost a whistle allows for louder signaling while preserving energy.
  • A light stick also is a must have item, because of the length of the burn, these items allow you to luminate without expending you battery powered devices.
  • An emergency radio/flashlight combo and AAA batteries
  • The pack includes all the important first aid and emergency preparedness supplies. It is also perfect for any bug-out bag. The pack includes a radio, emergency blanket, light stick, batteries and more, which makes this pack the best purchase you can make. This kit includes first aid for everyday accidents and injuries, yet it has essential items you need in emergencies. The emergency preparation pack is packed with a full complement of first aid supplies, including bandages, gauze, eye pad, gloves, cold compress, burn cream, and antibiotic ointment.

With 180 items contained in the waterproof Quick Aid Pocket System, you’ll never have to scramble to find what you need. This kit remains organized over multiple uses. With its small footprint, this kit fits perfectly in backpacking gear, a glove box, or even on a bathroom shelf.

Whether you’re packing up for your next adventure or simply looking for unique gifts for men, this emergency preparedness kit is perfect.

Never worry again about how you’ll respond when the unexpected happens.

Get yours today!


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