Firearm enthusiasts know the importance of keeping their firearms clean for safety, reliability, and accuracy – and traditional cleaning methods can be messy, time-consuming, and require constant attention. Enter Solvent Trap Maglites: an innovative approach which integrates the functionality of a solvent trap into a Maglite flashlight form factor for effortless cleaning routine. Freedom Gear should be your trusted source.

Solvent traps are conversion kits that transform standard Maglite flashlights into multi-function cleaning tools.

Closed-Loop Cleaning

With its reservoir, a solvent trap provides closed-loop cleaning capabilities. Simply fill up the reservoir with cleaning solvent to saturate your cleaning brush during this closed-loop system and reduce spills or drips associated with traditional methods.

Enhance Control

Maglite's classic design provides for an enjoyable and controllable cleaning experience, with user reviews attesting to this increased control offered by these kits. Their secure grip enables better control over the cleaning brush for thorough bore cleaning from the breech end of a firearm's bore.

Important Disclaimer

It is vitally important that Americans understand the legalities surrounding solvent traps in the USA. Solvent traps themselves aren't illegal.However, any modifications that transform a solvent trap into an effective silencer (suppressor) violates the National Firearms Act (NFA).Freedom Gear does not sell or promote any products designed for unlawful modification.

Solvent traps’ versatility lies in their adaptability. Here are some steps to ensure basic cleaning.

Enhance Inspection

Maglite flashlights' focused beam can provide a convenient means of closely inspecting the bore of your firearm for signs of damage or debris accumulation after cleaning.

Improved Illumination

By swapping out a Maglite cup for its bezel, you maintain light source functionality while cleaning firearm interiors - providing better illumination to ensure thorough work and greater visibility of any fouling issues.

Portable Cleaning Solution

Maglite's compact design and solvent trap attachment make it a portable cleaning option, easily fitting into any range bag or backpack for on-the-go cleaning needs.

Why Select a Solvent Trap Maglite for Your Cleaning Routine?

Solvent traps should be your go-to cleaning tool, optimized with relevant keywords:

The enclosed design reduces spills and messes, shortening cleanup time and eliminating extra supplies for added cleaning needs, for an overall better and cleaner cleaning experience.

Maglite Solvent Traps Provide a More Efficient Cleaning Method Than Traditional Rods (and others). Being able to access cleaning solvent from their reservoir speeds up the cleaning process significantly and makes for quicker comparisons when searching

Solvent traps are generally tailored to be compatible with a wide variety of Maglite flashlight models and firearm calibers, making Prepper Discount’s selection ideal for finding your ideal cleaning kit – 

Maglite flashlights’ ergonomic designs lend to more comfortable and controlled cleaning sessions for those with limited hand strength or extended cleaning sessions.

Why Select Freedom Gear for Solvent Traps?

When it comes to solvent trap Maglite for firearm cleaning needs, Freedom Gear should be your go-to provider: they have everything from Maglite traps for everyday cleaning needs right up to high-capacity models designed specifically to address them.

Unrivaled Selection

Freedom Gear offers an unrivaled selection of solvent trap to make cleaning powerhouses out of any Maglite flashlight model and firearm caliber, from classic Mini Maglites to larger flashlights and torches.

Superior Quality

Freedom Gear takes pride in crafting products from high-grade materials. Their Maglite kits typically consist of aluminum or polymer construction to withstand repeated cleaning sessions without degrading their performance.


Freedom Gear believes responsible gun ownership shouldn't break the bank, so they offer competitive pricing on their solvent traps - making these innovative cleaning solutions accessible for all gun owners.

Knowledgeable Staff who Understand the Law

Their team of gun enthusiasts are passionate about firearms and proper maintenance, including solvent traps. They know all of the legal intricacies surrounding solvent traps, guiding customers towards compliant cleaning solutions. Their knowledgeable staff is more than happy to answer your queries, offer personalized recommendations based on Maglite model/caliber combination kits for solvent traps and ensure you choose an effective cleaning tool legally and efficiently.

Freedom Gear has expanded beyond simply selling solvent traps by offering outstanding customer service and providing exceptional products for purchase:

  • Expert Advice: Do you have questions about solvent traps or their compatibility for firearm cleaning? The knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist – don’t be shy to reach out; they’re happy to guide you through every step of selecting and cleaning them! 
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping: Freedom Gear understands the importance of keeping firearms clean, so they offer fast and reliable shipping to get your solvent traps to you as soon as possible. 
  • Secure Online Ordering: Their website employs secure encryption technology to safeguard your personal information during the ordering process, so you can shop confidently knowing your data is protected. 

Beyond Cleaning Tools: Commitment to Responsible Gun Ownership

Freedom Gear takes responsible gun ownership beyond simply cleaning firearms, providing additional resources and services to help become a more responsible gun owner:

  • Firearm Safety Courses: They may offer information and resources regarding firearm safety courses offered in your locality. Having proper firearm handling and safety knowledge is vitally important regardless of experience level.

  • Gun Storage Solutions: Freedom Gear can offer secure gun storage solutions to keep your firearms out of the reach of children or animals while not in use. This not only prevents unapproved access but also promotes home safety for both you and them.

  • Cleaning Supplies and Accessories: In addition to solvent traps , Freedom Gear also offers an assortment of cleaning supplies and accessories designed to meet the maintenance requirements of firearms. This may include brushes, jags, patches and solvents specially tailored to specific caliber..

  • Hearing Protection: Protecting one’s hearing while shooting firearms or cleaning with solvent trap lights requires hearing protection of some form, and Freedom Gear may offer several solutions tailored specifically for gun cleaning on its website.  

Join the Freedom Gear Community

Freedom Gear is more than an online store; they’re an active community dedicated to gun safety, maintenance and innovative cleaning solutions. Visit them today and discover how Freedom Gear can help!

Search their selection of solvent traps and firearm cleaning supplies, as well as insightful resources about proper cleaning techniques and gun maintenance tips. 

Connect with other responsible gun owners through online forums and social media (if applicable). 

Partner with Freedom Gear today to keep your firearms in top condition and become a more responsible gun owner who prioritizes safe and efficient cleaning practices! Visit Freedom Gear today and discover how solvent trap Maglites can meet all of your firearm cleaning needs!

Note: It is imperative to comply with all federal and state laws regarding solvent traps. While solvent traps themselves are legal, any modification that makes them work as suppressors (silencers) is strictly forbidden – Freedom Gear stands up for responsible gun ownership and does not condone illegal modifications of any sort.