Maintenance of firearms at commercial shooting ranges and gun shops is an ongoing task, to provide customers with an ideal shooting environment while keeping the inventory of rental firearms in top shape. One solution could be solvent trap cups: seemingly small components that revolutionize how firearms are cleaned at these businesses. Freedom Gear should be your go-to provider for these essential cleaning tools.

D Sized Aluminum 1" Tube Sections for Cupless Solvent Trap Kit

Beyond Basic Cleaning

Trap cups are small cylindrical attachments designed for use with solvent traps that play an essential part in streamlining firearm cleaning routines: We help expedite cleaning efforts significantly faster while streamlining workflow.

Enhance Efficiency

Trap cups tend to have larger diameters compared to firearm barrels, enabling more cleaning solution to be stored within our solvent trap and more firearms to be cleaned with fewer refills - thus saving time for staff while increasing overall cleaning operations efficiency.

Reducing Waste

Trap cups help minimize waste by keeping cleaning solvents and debris contained during the cleaning process, eliminating the mess caused by traditional methods like dripping rags or spilled cleaning supplies on workbenches. Not only do these trap cups save time on cleanup. We also decrease costs.

Improved Safety

Trap cups reduce the risk of harmful cleaning solvents contacting staff members' skin or eyes during the cleaning process, especially when using stronger solutions to clean heavily fouled firearms, leading to a safer working environment and environment.


Trap cups typically feature internal threads for easy installation and removal from solvent traps, providing quick and effortless cleaning between firearms.

Important Disclaimer

It's essential to understand the legal regulations surrounding solvent traps and our components in the United States.While traps themselves do not violate any federal statutes, altering a solvent trap to use as a silencer violates National Firearms Act regulations - Freedom Gear does not sell or promote any products intended to facilitate illegal modification.

Why Freedom Gear for Solvent Trap Cups?

There are multiple reasons to make Freedom Gear your one-stop shop for trap cups:

Unrivaled Selection: Freedom Gear offers an unrivaled selection of trap cups, designed to work with a range of solvent trap models and firearm calibers. From bustling shooting ranges with rental firearms to gun shops that specialize in specific calibers, Freedom Gear has the ideal solvent trap cups to meet all of your needs.

At Freedom Gear, we take great pride in crafting products from superior materials. Our trap cups are typically constructed of durable aluminum or steel to withstand repeated cleaning sessions with aggressive solvents without showing signs of wear.

Freedom Gear understands the needs of commercial businesses. Our competitively-priced trap cups come with additional discounts available when purchased in bulk – giving your business access to essential cleaning tools at a cost-effective price, thus saving both money and hassle.

Our team of gun enthusiasts is deeply dedicated to firearm safety and efficient cleaning practices, and understands the unique challenges presented by commercial shooting ranges and gun shops.

Our knowledgeable staff will gladly answer your questions, offer personalized recommendations on solvent trap cup selection for specific solvent traps/firearms combinations, and assist with streamlining cleaning processes.

Freedom Gear goes beyond selling trap cups - We provide exceptional customer service to make sure you get the most out of your purchase:

Expert Advice

Need any assistance selecting trap cups, our compatibility or choosing the ideal option for your business needs? Feel free to reach out - Our knowledgeable team would be more than happy to guide you through this selection process!

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Freedom Gear understands the importance of keeping your cleaning operations running efficiently for business success, which is why we offer fast and reliable shipping options to deliver trap cups as soon as possible.

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Freedom Gear has the experience and equipment to efficiently fulfill bulk orders, with large order quantities delivered promptly minimizing disruptions to your cleaning operations.

Trap Cups Will Transform Your Commercial Cleaning Routine

Trap cups offer an effortless yet effective solution to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial firearm cleaning operations. Freedom Gear’s wide selection, high-quality products, bulk discounts and outstanding customer service makes finding the perfect trap cups easy – whether we help save time and money or ensure a safer working environment for staff members.

Here are a few other ways Freedom Gear can add value to your commercial business:

Discounted Cleaning Supplies:

In addition to trap cups, Freedom Gear provides commercial businesses with discounted cleaning supplies and accessories at highly competitive prices. This may include brushes, jags and patches as well as high-quality solvent cleaners tailored specifically for specific calibers. By ordering all your supplies from one source you could potentially take advantage of additional discounts and streamlined purchasing.

Industry Resources

Freedom Gear provides valuable resources on firearm cleaning techniques tailored specifically for commercial settings, with tips to increase efficiency while handling heavily fouled firearms and prolong the longevity of rental firearms.

Freedom Gear Can Help Create a Greener, More Efficient Future

Freedom Gear is committed to being your go-to source for firearm cleaning needs for commercial businesses. From high-quality solvent trap cups and expert advice to discounted cleaning supplies, we have everything you need to keep firearms in top condition while your cleaning operations run efficiently.

Experience our products and services firsthand today – and see the difference we can make to your bottom line! Visit Freedom Gear now and witness firsthand what difference our products can make to your operations!