The Black Mamba Viper Kit Muzzle Blast Projection or Solvent Trap Tubes and Adapters



The Black Mamba Kit Muzzle Blast Projection or Solvent Trap Kit Tubes and Adapters

We take great pride in The Black Mamba Kit Muzzle Blast Projection or Solvent Trap Kit Tubes and Adapters. These high-quality tubes are meticulously crafted by Prepper’s Discount and made with exceptional quality embedded in each product. Our tubes are constructed from 7075 High Grade German Aluminum, renowned for its durability and strength. Each Solvent Trap Kit tube measures 8 or so inches in length, making them ideally suited for a variety of applications. We ensure that every tube is rigorously tested to meet our high standards, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability meaning you’ll be happy with your purchase for a long time. Choose Prepper’s Discount for tubes that are not only built to last but are also designed with precision and care.

The Viper Kit is unlike any other Solvent Trap Kit on the market.

These blast projection tubes, also known as muzzle projectors, are expertly designed to direct the blast of your firearm forward, minimizing side discharge and enhancing the shooting experience for everyone at the range or when used with Solvent Traps. Each unit is meticulously crafted and features an ultra-flat black anodized finish for durability and corrosion resistance which translates to longevity. This package includes one tube and one adapter, exactly as pictured. Our blast projection tubes ensure a safer and more enjoyable shooting environment, proving to be an essential addition for both novice and seasoned shooters aiming for precision and safety.

For those of you looking to add a Scorpion Muzzle brake to you collection along with this Black Mamba Viper kit, Checkout our all-new matching Viper quick connect ring and Scorpion Brake HERE


Please adhere to all NFA regulations. Modifications of solvent trap parts that do not have a tax stamp approved could be considered as a crime. We do NOT condone or advise modifications of any kind of solvent trap. Choose a licensed dealer (NOT US) when and if you’re looking for a suppressor, home-made silencer or firearm muffler. View our YouTube Solvent Cleaning Tube Breakdown Video HERE

The Viper Kit is unlike any other Solvent Trap on the market.


  • Approximately 1.5″ Outside Diameter (Diamond Knurled Tube)
  • Tubes are Solid High Grade German Aluminum
  • Tubes are 25% thicker than Competitors Product
  • Tubes Length is Approximately 8.5″ 
  • Standard Tube finish is Flat Black Hard Coat Anodized

Solvent Trap Kit 

  • Easy installation and removal with no tools required
  • Additional accessories: solid end cap, dry storage cups, and other muzzle adapters and brakes are available for purchase HERE

Additional information

Product Options

*BMVA1* Black Mamba Blast 8.5" Tube w/1/2 x 28 Adapter, *BMVA5* Black Mamba Blast 8.5" Tube w/5/8 x 24 Adapter, *BM* Black Mamba Blast 8.5" TUBE ONLY, *VS* D Sized (Viper) solid piece, *VA1* D Sized (Viper) 1/2 x 28 adapter, *VA5* D Sized (Viper) 5/8 x 24 adapter, *DC* Basic D 7 x Cups & Spring, *SDC* Super D 14 x Cups & Spring, *UC* Ultra D Stepped 7 x Cups & Spring (OUR #1 SELLER), TSDC* 14x "D" Sized Threaded Titanium Super Cups, *D-FIL* D SIZED 7 STAINLESS STEEL AND 7 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT, *D-FIL14* D SIZED 14 STAINLESS STEEL AND 14 COLLECTION MATERIAL FILTER KIT


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