Perimeter Traps 6″ Jaws Coil Spring Security Anti-Breaching


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Perimeter trap Details:

This is a cost effective and extremely efficient tool for managing your perimeter. These perimeter traps are manufactured from steel components. The perimeter trap is powered by a set of compact HIGH POWER coil springs. The trap is the perfect foot-hold restraining device. Also great for trapping game animals such as raccoon, fox, rabbits, bobcat, coyote and other such animals.

If your are looking to trap your next meal or protecting your home from the zombie invasion, This is the product you need!

We think you love these other products! If you are looking for other perimeter security ideas, I recommend DIY solutions!

Top 5 Priorities for Securing your Perimeter:

1. Invest in sturdy doors and locks

This tip may seem overly simplistic, but it’s the first recommendation SCW Solutions Consultants have made to every single home or business we have spoken with during our ten years in this business.

The absolute best ‘first step’ you should consider to secure your building is to invest in sturdy doors. Getting metal or heavy wooden doors that burglars or other threats can’t kick open is the best dollar you can spend on security.

While you’re considering doors, make sure you have good-quality locks, too. Locks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We would encourage you to select door locks with a deadbolt – and not just rely on the far-less-sturdy door knob locks. It would also be prudent to consider a handle that reduces an intruders ability to use tools to turn the handle from the outside (handles that pull down to open, for example, make it easy for an intruder to use tools to reach under the door and up to pull the handle down). Prioritizing well-made doors and locks will go a long way in keeping your home or business safe.

2. Monitor Activity at Each Entry

After you’ve invested in high-quality doors and locks, we’d advise adding an alarm sensor and camera at each entry point. This follows best practices by ensuring the prioritization of the “closest” risk points before considering other options.

While doors and locks are all about keeping an unwanted party out of your space, cameras, and alarms are all about ensuring that should an intruder attempt to break in, you have the ability to monitor and respond accordingly. If someone is trying to break in, an alarm will give you 30 seconds to assess the threat/danger and determine whether or not to contact the proper authorities. The camera allows you to see and share relevant intruder related information, both after the fact and get notified of movement during an event.

Remember, Doorbell Cameras are not Security Devices

You can add a doorbell if you want the convenience of being able to talk back and forth while you are away, but if you are concerned with security, a doorbell camera won’t cut it.

Why? To save battery power, doorbell cameras have a maximum recording period and a time where they cannot record again. If they didn’t have these features, the battery would completely drain if you have coffee on your porch.

The problem is this – along with the fact that you can delete footage – means that judges cannot be sure that the video had not been selectively edited, so they are often unusable in court.

For the camera, we recommend running the cable for an “always on” powered camera. It isn’t going to be as convenient as a battery-powered camera, but it will be usable in court.


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