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Get your Mylar thermal blanket now and be ready in an emergency. These were originally designed by NASA for space exploration, these insulating “GOLD SERIES” Mylar blankets provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions.  By reflecting back and retaining 95% of a survival victim’s body heat, these blankets offer the ultimate protection for an emergency.

Thermal Mylar blankets are ideal for all emergencies. They can be used to prevent and counter hypothermia by reducing heat loss from a person’s body. These blankets cover injured victims in order to help reduce shock, to line the inside of a sleeping bag for additional warmth, and can be used in a hot environment to provide shade as a shelter barrier.

Mylar blankets – also called space blankets – are incredibly cool.  They weigh just a few ounces, fold down to fit in your pocket, and can be used dozens of ways in an emergency situation.  Mylar is so awesome that it has pretty much become synonymous with the term “survival blanket.”

But can a thin layer of aluminized plastic sheeting really keep you alive?

A lot of the manufacturer claims about Mylar are complete hype.  However, if you know how to use a Mylar blanket, they actually can help you survive.

What Is a Mylar thermal blanket?

Mylar is the trade name for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET). It’s a thin sheet of plastic that has a film of aluminum or another metal on it.  The metal film is what makes Mylar so shiny.

Mylar was first invented in the 1950s by DuPont.  However, NASA sometimes gets credit for inventing Mylar because they use Mylar on virtually all missions.  You can read about Mylar’s history on the NASA webpage.

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