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AR15 Full Auto Sear Jig Details:

An auto sear is a small device made of metal or plastic that allows a gun to fire multiple rounds with a single trigger pull. When you pull the trigger the gun fires multiple rounds. We make this kit from high grade aluminum or hardened Steel, which ensures long durability for your weapon.

How The Auto Sear Works:

When you shoot a weapon with a DIAS(Drop In Auto Sear) installed, the bolt carrier resets the hammer, which the sear catches. When the carrier closes, due to the force of the buffer spring, the bolt carrier catches the top of the sear and the hammer releases. This operation occurs while the trigger is pulled, which fires the weapon repeatedly.


Designed for customers who currently own an AUTHORIZED AND REGISTERED DIAS. This patented AR15 Full Auto Sear Repair Kit is approved in its current form by the BATFE.

This kit comes with everything you need to fix a broken part. Some grinding and filing will be necessary for a perfect replacement of a damaged part. This item can be ONLY purchased as a novelty display piece or to repair a damaged REGISTERED DIAS.

Included in the package:

  • Hardened Steel Master Jig Tool
  • The lower hardened steel or aluminum repair block
  • The upper hardened steel or aluminum repair block
  • Replacement Roll Pin
  • Replacement Movement Spring
  • 2 Proper Sized Drill Bits
  • Tightening Allen Wrench
  • Includes Basic instructions

NOTE: It is illegal to produce an unregistered auto sear. Do not produce an unregistered or unauthorized auto sear. You must certify that you will not use this product in an unauthorized manner, PRIOR to purchase.

Check out the product video:

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