Augason Farms 30-Day DELUXE Emergency Food Supply


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Dehydrating food is something Augason Farms knows a lot about. Augason Farms Deluxe 30-Day Emergency Food Supply combines flavor and nutrition at an affordable price.

You’ll enjoy hearty and flavor-packed meals such as Cheesy Broccoli Rice, Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, and Buttermilk Pancakes to name a few. The food supply includes 11 varieties of mouthwatering and easy-to-prepare foods totaling 37,080 calories at an average of 1,236 calories per day.

The survival food is secured in a watertight, easily transportable 5-gallon pail that’s perfect for storing at home and workplace for unexpected emergencies. This survival kit also includes a 30-Day Meal Planner, something you won’t find in any other emergency food kit.

Augason Farms takes the guesswork out of daily meal preparation with their unique Meal Planner. In an emergency situation, it is critical that food is carefully prepared to ensure you have a balanced number of calories each day for an extended period of time. It’s safe to say this meal planner could be a lifesaver.

Augason Farms Food Supply Includes:

  • Morning Moo’s Lowfat Milk Alternative (1 pouch/20 servings)
  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (3 pouches/10 serving each)
  • Strawberry-Flavored Creamy Wheat (1 pouch/8 servings)
  • Buttermilk Pancakes (3 pouches, 6 servings each)
  • Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup (2 pouches/8 servings each)
  • Cheesy Broccoli Rice (3 pouches/8 servings each)
  • Creamy Potato Soup (1 pouch/8 servings)
  • Spanish Rice (3 pouches/8 servings each)
  • Fettuccine Alfredo (1 pouch/4 servings)
  • Creamy Chicken-Flavored Rice (3 pouches/8 servings each)
  • Banana Chips (1 pouch/8 servings).

Based on storage conditions, Augason Farm’s freeze-dried emergency food has an up to 30-year shelf life.

We have many food options to choose from!

Why choose freeze dried foods like Augason Farms?

Shelf Life

There is a direct correlation between moisture content and shelf life. The higher the moisture content, the
shorter the shelf life. Dehydrated food looses quite a bit of moisture–up to 90 percent! Home dehydrators may only remove 80% of the water in food, leaving it with a shorter shelf life. However, most top end dehydrated food will still maintain a shelf life of up to 15 years, and depending on the type of food, in some cases up to 25 years.

Freeze dried food is best to store for long-term. Freeze Dried Food has a shelf life 25 years or more. Cooler temperature helps lengthen shelf life. Store Freeze Dried food in a cool, dark and dry location when possible, which will prolong shelf life.

Prepare Freeze Dried Food for Eating

To prepare freeze-dried food, you add water and eat when rehydrated. Your food will taste so close to the original that you may not know the difference. Dehydrated food is different in the way you prepare it. To prepare dehydrated food will likely boil to rehydrate it. This can take 20 minutes, depending on the food. .


Freeze‐dried food maintains most of its nutrients throughout the process. Once rehydrated, the food is similar in nutritional value to its fresh counterpart. Dehydrated food only retains 60‐75% of original nutrients. Freeze‐dried food retains about 97% of it original nutrients.


Flavor is important in food. If it doesn’t taste good, why would we eat it? Both freeze‐dried and dehydrated food taste great, however freeze-drying preserves more nutrients. Freeze-drying keeps in the flavor, retains original texture, and maintains the natural aroma. Dehydrating food uses heat, which causes food to loose flavor, nutrients, and texture. Most people agree that freeze‐dried food wins the taste test.


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