We at Freedom Gear understand the significance of responsible gun ownership, from safety and maintenance considerations to mitigating the environmental impact of shooting activities. Muzzle blast projection tubes (commonly referred to as “blast tubes“) provide a solution to combat dust kicked up during firing, creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly shooting experience.

Freedom Gear stands as your go-to provider for high-quality yet legally compliant blast projection tubes.

Solvent Trap - Maglite "C" Sized Cups

Muzzle Blast Projection Tubes: Directing Blast Impact Minimization

These tubes are cylindrical attachments designed to fit onto the barrel of firearms and serve as directional extensions, redirecting forceful blasts of air and propellant gasses expelled during firing into more efficient channels. This redirection serves multiple key purposes; among them are:

  • Reduce Dust and Debris: Firing firearms often creates dust and debris on a shooting range, however these tubes help mitigate this effect by redirecting the blast forward away from shooter and environment.
  • Improved Visibility: Dust clouds generated during firing can obscure your vision and hinder target acquisition, but these tubes can significantly enhance visibility downrange, particularly in dry or dusty conditions.
  • Increased Safety: These tubes may help improve safety by redirecting the blast forward, potentially decreasing the chance of debris or propellant gasses being blown back towards shooter or bystanders. However, proper shooting safety procedures including wearing eye and ear protection must always be observed when shooting.


Important Disclaimer: When purchasing blast projection tubes in the US, it’s essential to understand their legal implications. While these tubes themselves do not violate federal law, modifying one to act as a silencer violates the National Firearms Act (NFA). Freedom Gear does not sell or promote products designed for illegal modifications.

Why Freedom Gear for My Muzzle Blast Projection Tube?

Freedom Gear stands out as an ideal source for projection tubes as it provides responsible gun owners with top-quality firearm accessories that enhance shooting experiences while simultaneously minimizing environmental impacts. We specialize in projection tubes – here are our key attributes as your go-to supplier:

Safety First

Freedom Gear puts safety first. Our muzzle blast projection tubes are only designed for legal use and do not alter the sound signature of any firearms they offer.

Quality Construction

Our tubes are constructed using durable materials like steel or aluminum to meet the rigorous demands of repeated use.

Variety to Fit Most Firearms

Freedom Gear offers an assortment of blast projection tubes featuring various thread patterns to accommodate for compatibility with the most popular firearms on the market.


Freedom Gear believes responsible gun ownership shouldn't break the bank, which is why they offer competitive prices on blast projection tubes to provide cleaner shooting experiences without compromising value.

Beyond Muzzle Blast Projectors

Freedom Gear goes beyond offering products. Our commitment to superior customer service ensures you can maximize the benefit of your muzzle blast projection tube:

  • Expert Advice: Do you need assistance selecting blast projection tubes, our compatibility with your firearm, or choosing the appropriate product? Our friendly staff is on hand to offer their expert guidance during this selection process. Don’t be intimidated; reach out now.
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping: Freedom Gear understands your desire to experience the advantages of your new muzzle blast projection tube quickly, which is why they offer fast and reliable shipping solutions that ensure it arrives promptly at your door.
  • Informative Resources: Our website offers numerous educational resources on responsible gun ownership, such as proper firearm cleaning techniques and how to minimize environmental impacts at a shooting range.

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan and effectiveness of any solvent trap, regardless of the materials used. Here are some essential practices:

  • Cleaning After Use: For optimal performance, always conduct a comprehensive cleanup after each use of your solvent trap. Disassemble each component (if possible), and use warm water and mild soap solution to thoroughly flush away any debris or solvent residue left behind from its previous usage. Allow all parts to dry thoroughly before reassembly and storage.
  • Inspection and Replacement: Regularly inspect your solvent trap for signs of wear or damage, replacing filters as necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety. Filter media replacement should also be scheduled as needed to maintain peak performance and safety levels.

Contact Us For Expert Advice

Freedom Gear is here to answer your questions and assist with finding the ideal muzzle blast projection tube for your firearm. 

Freedom Gear is committed to offering firearm accessories that not only enhance your shooting experience but also reduce its environmental footprint. Blast projection tubes are one step toward cleaner and more sustainable target practice; here are other ways we can assist in being an environmentally responsible gun owner:

  • Reusable Shooting Targets: Traditional paper targets often end up as litter on the shooting range. Freedom Gear offers an assortment of reusable steel targets that can withstand repeated use, helping reduce waste.
  • Select the Right Ammunition: Lead ammunition poses environmental hazards; Freedom Gear offers lead-free options for certain calibers so as to minimize environmental footprint.
  • Leave No Trace: Always clear away spent casings, targets and any debris after shooting sessions at Freedom Gear gun ranges to leave them as clean as they were when you found them. Freedom Gear strongly encourages responsible gun owners to leave the range cleaner than they found it. 

Upgrade Your Shooting Experience While Preserving Nature

By equipping your firearm with a Freedom Gear muzzle blast projection tube and engaging in environmentally responsible practices, you can demonstrate your dedication to responsible gun ownership. Visit

Freedom Gear today to browse our selection of muzzle blast projection tubes that promote cleaner shooting experiences for you while contributing towards creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Join forces and let’s create a positive influence in our shooting community and the wider world!